Tivannah Global, LDA. is an international company focused in producing building materials.

It was founded and incorporated in Angola, and it is located at Rua Lopes de Lima, n° 11, Ingombotas, Luanda, Angola. The company also has a presence in the United States to team up with global international counterparts, with the aim to raise capital and attract expertise in management and modern technology. In that manner Tivannah will be better placed to fulfill its mission, which is, to provide quality affordable building materials but also to act as a bridge between Angola and the rest of the world to help rebuild the country’s infrastructure and catalyze social and economical progress.

Housing, is scarce in Angola and several public and private companies, as well as individuals are currently building residential and commercial spaces to overcome that gap. The demand for cement blocks, bricks, paving elements, and other construction materials is sharply rising in Angola. Given that, Tivannah Global, LDA., realized that the timing is appropriate to expand capacities and introduce efficient and generalized distribution of affordable construction materials and methods.

Tivannah is singularly positioned to take advantage of these opportunities. It combines assets and technical sophistication with an intimate familiarity with how things work in Angola. During its journey as a producer of concrete blocks in Angola, Tivannah has been able to offer products and services of high quality, negotiated at below market prices and distributed through direct sales channels at a considerable profit.


The mission of Tivannah Global, LDA. is to manufacture and provide to the national market a wide range of high quality and affordable building materials in support of the national effort to rebuild and modernize the physical infrastructure of Angola. In doing so, to be the preferred partner offering differentiated products and customized care capitalizing on continuous improvement of our technology and services to deliver with accuracy, timeliness and reliability in line with our aim to help catalyze social and economical development of the entire country.


Tivannah Global, LDA. believes in technical, financial, business and moral excellence. To ensure business continuity and a stable future for all stakeholders and employees we intend to:

  1. run a profitable business
  2. have a major market share and be considered as the market leader in sales
  3. offer high quality products and satisfy even the most exigent industry standards and codes
  4. make regular investments in new equipment and technology, add complementary lines and achieve technical excellence
  5. strengthen administrative and technical experience by hiring qualified and specialized personnel
  6. provide training for staff that keeps employees able to utilize the most valuable technologies and resources in order to improve effectiveness and also to produce, serve, and grow in knowledge, skill, accuracy, and self-confidence
  7. provide excellent employee benefits and be a champion in community involvement.

Rua Lopes de Lima, n° 11, Ingombotas • Luanda – Angola
Tel: +244-923-326282