Welcome to Tivannah Global, LDA. a dynamic enterprise which is helping to rebuild Angola's infrastructure.

Tivannah Global specializes in the production of building materials. Its operations concentrate in activities carried on at two main sites:

1. one factory plant for the production of concrete and stabilised soil-based masonry units, and;
2. one stone crushing quarry to process sand, gravel, and aggregate.

Tivannah offers to the local contractors high quality products at affordable prices. Its success as preferred provider is quickly catapulting this company into becoming the market leader of building materials in Angola. No wonder why one block at a time Tivannah is helping to rebuild and reconstruct an entire nation.

Partial view of the quarry

Tivannah's quarry complex comprises of an area of 10 hectares or roughly 25 acres. It crushes several stones including granite, limestone, and gravel. The main goal is to produce aggregate and sand used as raw materials for the block making factory. Other products include crushed stone for asphalt and road construction.

Partial view of the factory

Tivannah's block making plant is erected in an area of 3 hectares or roughly 7.5 acres. It produces several masonry units, including concrete hollow blocks, pavers, decorating elements, and interlocking soil bricks. As business progresses the factory is upgraded with more modernized and productive equipment.

Rua Lopes de Lima, n° 11, Ingombotas • Luanda – Angola
Tel: +244-923-326282