Local Partners

Tivannah Global, LDA. is proud to service and partner with several national companies in Angola involved in the construction domain. Some of our most outstanding clients include the following:

EMPROE is a state-owned construction company with its headquarters located at Rua N'Gola Kiluanji, 185 - Luanda, Angola. It specializes in the construction of special projects, including affordable mass housing and infrastructure. It is currently developing and building the new Luanda residential area of Camama in association with the Malaysian Group MPK. EMPROE signed a MOU with Tivannah Global, LDA. that places the latter as its preferred supplier of building materials.
TecnObras is a company with more than 10 years of experience in the construction domain in Angola. They have projects of different sorts from building residential homes to implementing large scale construction undertakings. Following successful bidding, they were awarded several private sector and government projects of long duration. After EMPROE, TecnObras is the second biggest client of Tivannah.
Gavifil is yet another dynamic Angolan enterprise that has been registering substancial success in the construction arena. It quickly earned for itself a big share of the contractor's market. Gavifil is also one of the most distinguished clients of Tivannah.
International Partners

Tivannah Global, LDA. has established relations with several international partners. Mainly, these are companies that operate either as source of technology and finance, or act as providers of technical assistance and production process know-how. Some of our international partners also offer management consultancy services. Among them, we emphasize:

Quinn Consulting, Inc. (QCI) is a company focused on opportunities in concrete masonry production. Its primary focus is to provide Turnkey Plant installation and transform facilities into 21st century manufacturers that have the ability to operate efficiently and to accommodate future growth opportunities. QCI is located at 4217 47th Street. Bladensburg Maryland 20710
Ernest Maier, Inc. (EMCO) is a manufacturer of concrete masonry units and distributor of masonry and other building materials that was founded in 1926. This company produces glass block, architectural split and ground face, pavers, bricks, etc. EMCO owns facilities in Maryland and in Millsboro, Delaware. EMCO and its wholly-owned subsidiaries trade at the stock exchange under the name of Parker Block.
William Batko Consulting, Inc. is a company specialized in finance, financial management, business process reengineering, and management consulting. It services a wide portfolio of public and private sector clients in the fields of housing, housing finance and business finance. William Batko Consulting is headquartered in Takoma Park, Maryland, USA, and has worked in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.
To explore about prospects of establishing a business relationship with Tivannah please do not hesitate to contact our representatives.

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