kwanzaTivannah Global, LDA. is dedicated to the development of strong relations with the financial institutions sponsored by the American government, and; helping promoting an attractive environment for American business in Angola, with mechanisms and within a framework conducive to a fast and efficient treatment of matters. More specifically, we focus on:

  • developing ties with Angolan and American agencies and the private sector to facilitate the entry of American capital and ventures in Angola
  • identifying American companies with capacity to structure deals, and to raise capital
  • identifying potential American partners or sponsors of projects
  • helping eliminate regulations, mechanisms and procedures that stymie business growth
  • encouraging the promulgation of laws that protect the innovations of entrepreneurs. Protection of patents, copyrights and trademarks are critical for capital inflow to flourish.
  • facilitating the underwriting process of projects to make sure that only viable projects are endorsed.
  • creating databases of projects and sponsors (potential and existing)
  • publishing a list of opportunities and facilitating the matching of projects with eventual sponsors
  • facilitating negotiations between credit solicitors, sponsors, firms of investments and institutions of loans.

One of the advantages of Tivannah Global is that it is staffed with competent professionals who also understand the culture and the way Americans do business.

For more information, contact: investments@tivannah.com

Rua Lopes de Lima, n° 11, Ingombotas • Luanda – Angola
Tel: +244-923-326282